Guided eating, drinking and walking tours


Want more than a pastel de nata or salt cod in Lisbon? Tired of the usual tourist traps and drab menus? Would you like to experience Lisbon’s culinary delights the way the locals do?

Getting away from the obvious choices is not always easy.  We can help you.

Eat Drink Walk tours are conducted in small, personal groups of up to 8 people, by Célia and Filomena, local experts and food lovers.
We will take you to the places we love in Lisbon, our favourite spots that will give you a picture of both our country and our city’s food landscape.

We would like to share with you the restaurants, wine bars and shops that are off the beaten track, where you can get a real taste of Portugal: from the simple suckling pig sandwich to the ubiquitous sardine, you just have to choose which tour will fit your appetite.

If you are a wine lover, we can take you to the village of Azeitão to visit the vineyards and explore the region where fine wine and the famous dessert wine, Moscatel de Setúbal, is produced. Here you can also make and taste the truly divine sheep’s milk cheese of Azeitão.

But if none of our tours fit, please tell us and we will happily tailor one specifically for you and your tastes.

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